Airomate 2.11 RDS Encoder With Key Free Download


Airomate 2.11 RDS Encoder With Key Free Download

Airomate Introduction:

Airomate 2.11 RDS Encoder is a powerful software tool designed to enhance radio broadcasts by incorporating Rich Data Services (RDS).
RDS is a communication protocol that enables broadcasters to transmit digital information along with their analog radio signals.
This software offers broadcasters the capability to add valuable metadata, such as station identification, song titles, artist names, and traffic updates, to improve the overall listening experience for their audience.
In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Airomate 2.11 RDS Encoder and its significance in the world of radio broadcasting.


Features of Airomate 2.11 RDS Encoder:

  1. RDS Data Encoding Airomate: Airomate 2.11 allows broadcasters to encode RDS data into their radio signals.
    This includes text information like the station name, program type, and other user-defined messages. By broadcasting this information, listeners can see relevant details displayed on their RDS-enabled receivers.
  2. Real-time Updates: The software supports real-time updates, ensuring that any changes made to the RDS data are instantly reflected in the broadcast.
    This is particularly beneficial for live radio shows, where on-the-fly updates are essential to keep the listeners informed and engaged.
  3. Dynamic PS and RT: With Airomate 2.11, broadcasters can set up dynamic Program Service (PS) and Radiotext (RT) messages.
    PS messages typically display the station name, while RT messages can be used to show song titles, artist names, and other relevant content.
    This dynamic updating of information enhances the listener’s experience and keeps them informed about the latest content being aired.
  4. Traffic Announcement (TA) and Enhanced Other Networks (EON): The software also supports the Traffic Announcement feature, allowing broadcasters to send real-time traffic updates to RDS-enabled car radios.
    Additionally, the Enhanced Other Networks (EON) feature enables seamless switching between different frequencies, so listeners can maintain a strong signal while traveling.
  5. Remote Control: Airomate 2.11 RDS Encoder can be remotely controlled via network commands.
    This functionality simplifies the management of RDS data and allows broadcasters to make changes from a central location, saving time and effort.

Benefits of Airomate 2.11 RDS Encoder:

  1. Improved Listener Experience: By incorporating RDS data, broadcasters can provide listeners with valuable information about the station and the content being played. This enhances the overall listening experience and encourages audience loyalty.
  2. Enhanced Station Branding: The ability to display the station name, program type, and custom messages helps reinforce the station’s branding and identity.
  3. Increased Audience Engagement: Real-time updates, such as song titles and artist names, keep listeners engaged and informed, encouraging them to stay tuned for longer periods.
  4. Traffic Updates for Motorists: With the Traffic Announcement feature, broadcasters can provide up-to-date traffic information to drivers, making their commute safer and more efficient.
  5. Easy Integration: Airomate 2.11 seamlessly integrates with existing broadcast systems, making it a user-friendly solution for radio stations of all sizes.
    RDS options:

    • Traffic programme (TP)
    • Traffic announcement (TA)
    • Music/Speech
    • Clock-time and date
    • Programme Type (PTY)
    • Programme Type Name (PTYN)
    • Program Item Number (PIN)
    • Programme Identification (PI) (Not available in the demo version)
    • Extended Country Code (ECC) (Not available in the demo version)
    • Language Identification (Not available in the demo version)
    • Decoder Identification (DI)
    • Dynamic Programme service name (PS) (512 messages in registered version, only 2 in demo version)
    • Dynamic Programme service name from file input (Not available in the demo version)
    • RadioText (RT) (512 messages in registered version, only 2 in demo version)
    • Smart split; for splitting large PS or RT messages into smaller pieces.
    • Dynamic RadioText from file input (Not available in the demo version)
    • Inline commands for PS and RT messages (Not available in the demo version)
    • 25 Alternative Frequencies Method A (AF) (Not available in the demo version)
    • Unlimited Alternative Frequencies method B (AF) (Not available in the demo version)


In conclusion, the Airomate 2.11 RDS Encoder is a valuable software tool that empowers radio broadcasters to enrich their transmissions with essential data.
By implementing RDS features like real-time updates, dynamic PS and RT messages, and traffic announcements, stations can significantly improve their listener experience, increase audience engagement, and reinforce their branding.

As technology continues to advance, Airomate 2.11 plays a crucial role in enhancing the world of radio broadcasting and taking it to new heights of interaction and entertainment.

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