WYSIWYG Web Builder 18.4.0 + Rus

WYSIWYG Web Builder 18.4.0 + Rus

WYSIWYG Web Builder is a web page creation program that automatically creates HTML code while you simply place objects, no knowledge of HTML is required from you. Just drag the necessary objects anywhere on the page. After this, all that remains is to upload the resulting files to the server using the built-in “Publish” tool.

 It has almost all the features of MS Frontpage, but contains significantly more tools for working with objects (images, text, tables, etc.). With WYSIWYG Web Builder, your web page on the Internet will look exactly the same as it does on your PC screen, regardless of the browser you use.

Key features:
• No knowledge of HTML required
• Drag and drop objects anywhere on an HTML page, anywhere
• Customizable menus, toolbars, tabs, etc.
• Support for creating form fields
• Form creation wizard in four steps. Choose from a dozen forms that suits you best
• Rich text support: size, font, colors, links, etc.
• Support for ActiveX, JAVA, Flash, Windows Media player, Quicktime, Real Audio and other plugins
• Built-in editor for creating a photo gallery, with many functions
• Built-in editor for creating advertising banners
• Creation of Image maps
• Customize and edit the scrollbar for your web page in Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Create navigation bars, navigation tabs, slide menus, etc.
• Ready to use javascript language
• Support for ready-made templates. Over 100 ready-made templates available!
• Special insert. characters
• Support for creating slide shows
• Importing existing HTML pages
• Built-in support for creating pop-up windows (Popup windows)
• Creating a drop-down navigation menu
• Search and replace text objects
• Graphic tools: adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, color rendition, etc. d.
• Graphic effects: black and white, negative, sepia, blur, sharpness, noise, etc.
• Drawing tools
• Creation of RSS feeds
• Sitemap generator for Google

Simple and fast
• Visual website design (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get).
• No HTML knowledge required, just drag and drop objects onto the page.
• Output format HTML, HTML4, HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, PHP.
• Template support.
• HTML5 Audio/Video, YouTube, Flash.
• Slideshow, photo gallery, placeholder images, rollover text.
• Menu and many other navigation functions.
•Easy form creation with built-in form wizard, form tools, CAPTCHA verification.
• Fully integrated JQuery UI, accordion, tabs, animation, effects.
• PayPal e-commerce. Password protection of pages, registration, authorization, etc.
• Unique extensions (add-ons).
• Management of jQuery themes, the ability to create your own.
• Style manager, headers H1, H2, H3, etc.
• Master frames and main objects, use a common element on all pages of your site.
• Built-in content management system (CMS), with many plug-ins.
• Instant site publication, no need for third-party FTP programs.

• HTML5 document type (HTML5 output optimized).
• HTML5 audio/video and YouTube. HTML5 form validation, new input type and parameters.
• CSS3 @font-face – allows you to define font settings.
• CSS3 transparency, border radius, shadows.
• CSS3 gradients. Add cool gradient effects using CSS3 (no image).
• CSS3 navigation menu.
• Create a menu without using javascript or images.
• CSS3 photo gallery.
• CSS3 animation and transitions.
• Including support for 2D and 3D transformations

Adaptive design
With the increasing popularity of browsing on mobile phones and tablets, responsive design becomes essential to create websites that are optimized for the needs of these users. WYSIWYG Web Builder introduces “responsive web design” that allows you to create HTML pages containing different layout options, each optimized for the width of a specific device. Your site will dynamically respond to the visitor’s screen size and present a layout that best suits their device.

Mobile design
WYSIWYG Web Builder now has a built-in builder for mobile web pages. This makes it easy to create mobile versions of pages without the need for external software. Mobile pages have a different set of tools and creating a mobile site is somewhat different from creating regular sites. jQuery Mobile is the basis for creating mobile web applications and works on all popular smartphones and tablets.

If you decide to download the WYSIWYG Web Builder key and get activation using a license, do the right thing, the software can also easily create the necessary tables, which is sometimes difficult to do even knowing HTML.

 Often there is a crack in the archive, in order to register the program, the file must be copied to the folder where you installed this tool, then we will be asked to confirm the replacement, we agree.

 At this point you can finish the manipulations, the license has been received, we launch without applying a patch or license file, everything will work and the trial mode is closed.

 By the way, you can always preview how your site will look in a browser before you start publishing it on an FTP server.

The program easily accepts javascript, you can use a ready-made tool for creating pop-up windows, it’s also easy to create your own RSS feed.

WYSIWYG Web Builder supports inserting various players into your page, in general, you can write for a long time, I think it’s clear that this is a powerful editor, I hope it will help you create a beautiful Internet page.

I would like to point out that I really like the program, as a person with very limited coding knowledge I will be able to make a pretty good test website that includes a lot of features, most of which people want to see on resources such as photos, embedded YouTube videos, search and much more.

By installing WYSIWYG Web Builder in Russian you get an excellent web builder that can be used by a person of any level, from beginner to advanced, to professionally create their own HTML-based website. Another benefit is the additional layouts and templates that can give you a boost of creativity.


  • Convenient navigation 
  • Clean code at the project output
  • Support of all the latest standards, competent optimization
  • Russian localization is officially presented, with problems from 18, present in 17 
  • There is an unofficial laptop in Russian
  • Great response
  • You can add elements simply by moving them to the main window

With this easy-to-use program, you can create web pages for your site at a fairly high level, and the program will automatically create the necessary HTML code, you just need to enter the necessary text in the main window, insert links, add pictures, menus, backgrounds and so on, the code will be generated itself, this is quite convenient if you are new to this area, who is interested, I suggest downloading WYSIWYG Web Builder from our project in full news.

You can add objects simply by dragging them into the main window, you will agree that this is quite simple and clear, after finishing the work you will be able to upload the necessary files to the FTP server, this can also be done using this tool. WYSIWYG Web Builder in Russian is available, for this you need to separately download the Russifier, which is available at the very bottom of the page next to the other links


WYSIWYG Web Builder 18.4.0 + Rus Download

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