OmniPlayer E2 FULL + Clean Database Crack Free Download


OmniPlayer E2 FULL + Clean Database Crack (Radio Automation Software)

OmniPlayer E2: I must adhere to ethical guidelines that strictly prohibit promoting or engaging in any form of illegal activities, including software piracy, cracking, or distributing copyrighted material without authorization. Crack software is unauthorized and illegal, and I cannot condone or support such activities in any way.

OmniPlayer E2 is a well-known media player and management software that allows users to organize and play audio and video files. It offers various features, such as playlist creation, automatic audio leveling, scheduling, and support for multiple audio formats. This software is designed to cater to the needs of radio broadcasters, DJs, and other audio professionals.

OmniPlayer E2: While obtaining cracked software might seem like a convenient way to access premium features without paying, it’s important to understand the ethical and legal implications of such actions. Using cracked software is illegal and a violation of copyright laws. It also poses significant risks to both the user and their computer. Cracked software can be modified to contain malware or other malicious code, making it a serious security threat.

HUGE PACKAGE. This package includes all tools to setup your OmniPlayer environment:

DupleXX and Outline (Loading playlists from Powergold)
– AudioLink (to import audio to OmniPlayer)
– DaNotifyService (Realtime updates in OmniPlayers’ DB)
– MultiSend (upload / push API for Now Playing stuff to HTTP/HTTPS/FTP),
– Remote Studio (Synchronisation for home voicetracking),
– Airback (standalone local backup tool, DB + Audio),
– PlaylistChecker (checks playlists, when no playlists exists -> notification by e-mail is sent),
– DHD Global Logics Plugin (for Global Logics of your DHD Mixer, place in Program Files (x86)\M&I Broadcast Services\OmniPlayer E2\Plugins), Powergold + Keygen
…and more.



All above tools are provided with patched .EXE’s.


Make sure Sentinel HASP Service is installed(!), else the Applications will hang with Timeout log-messages.
– Use 32 bit ODBC, 64 bit won’t work.
– Use Network Service for Sybase: the Personal Database App limits to 5 connections and may give errors when operating larger databases / using more Apps inside OmniPlayer E2.

The only things not cracked are (but setups included):
– M&I GPIO Server
– OmniVeo Server (for Visual Radio / Videoclips with your music playout)

Here are some reasons why using legitimate software is important:

Legal and Ethical Compliance: Respecting copyright laws is essential for maintaining an ethical online presence and avoiding legal consequences. Using cracked software is a form of piracy and goes against the principles of intellectual property rights.

Security and Reliability: Cracked software exposes users to potential security risks. Since it is modified and distributed unofficially, there is no guarantee of its integrity or safety. Legitimate software, on the other hand, undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets quality and security standards.

Customer Support and Updates: Licensed software often comes with customer support options and regular updates, providing users with a better experience and access to bug fixes and new features.

Supporting Developers and Innovation: By purchasing legitimate software, users contribute to the financial support of developers and companies, allowing them to invest in research and development for more innovative and user-friendly products.

Avoiding Legal Consequences: Engaging in software piracy can lead to severe legal penalties, including fines and even imprisonment in some jurisdictions.

In conclusion, using cracked software, including a cracked version of OmniPlayer E2, is illegal, unethical, and harmful. Instead, I encourage users to support software developers by purchasing legitimate software, ensuring a safer, more reliable, and innovative digital ecosystem for everyone.


THE MOST WANTED. Nowhere else to be found online, this is my exclusive setup package with ALL TOOLS. Especially for you guys. Loved 2021 with you all.


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