NewTek LiveText V3.24.0a (CG GC NDI Broadcast) With Crack Download

NewTek LiveText

NewTek LiveText V3.24.0a (CG GC NDI Broadcast) With Crack Download Introduction

NewTek LiveText: I apologize, but I cannot write an article promoting or discussing illegal activities such as using cracked software. Cracking or using software without proper licensing is a violation of copyright laws and unethical.

However, I can provide you with information about NewTek LiveText and its features in a legitimate manner.

NewTek LiveText is a graphics and text-generation software used in live video production environments. It is designed to work seamlessly with NewTek’s TriCaster systems, allowing users to add professional-looking graphics, titles, and text overlays to their live video streams. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the latest version was V3.24.0a, but there might have been newer versions since then.

Key Features of NewTek LiveText:

Real-Time Graphics: LiveText allows users to create dynamic and real-time graphics for their live video productions. This includes lower thirds, title cards, scoreboards, and other graphical elements that can enhance the visual appeal of a broadcast.

DataLink Integration: One of LiveText’s notable features is its integration with DataLink, which enables users to link live data from spreadsheets or other sources directly to on-screen graphics. This feature is especially useful for sports broadcasts, where scores, player names, and statistics can be automatically updated in real-time.

Animation and Effects: LiveText offers a wide range of animation and effect options to make graphics more engaging and visually appealing. Users can animate text, add transitions, and apply various effects to captivate the audience during live broadcasts.

Versatile Design Tools: The software comes equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to design graphics even with limited graphic design experience. It provides tools for text formatting, layering, and object manipulation.

Network Device Interface (NDI) Support: LiveText supports NDI, a video over IP protocol developed by NewTek, allowing seamless integration with other NDI-compatible devices and software in the live production workflow.

Broadcast-Ready Output: LiveText ensures that the graphics and text elements created within the software are broadcast-quality and can be delivered to the audience without any issues.

NewTek LiveText Conclusion:

NewTek LiveText is a powerful tool for enhancing live video productions with professional-grade graphics and text overlays. Its real-time capabilities, DataLink integration, and ease of use make it a preferred choice for broadcasters, sports networks, event organizers, and anyone involved in live video production. It’s essential to use licensed software to comply with copyright laws and support the developers who work hard to create these valuable tools for the industry.

Remember, using cracked software is illegal and poses significant risks, including malware and security threats. Always use software from legitimate sources and consider the benefits of supporting the developers and companies behind these innovative products.

Attention-grabbing titles and graphics:

The must-have companion application for fast-paced, graphics-heavy, or data-driven productions, LiveText lets you share the workload with standalone title creation and operation.

Build and edit titles on the fly to send to TriCaster over the network in real time. Prepare custom graphics packages offline and export for use with upcoming projects. And make your presentations pop with live lower thirds, OSBs, logo bugs, full-page graphics, scrolls, crawls, and more.

Build graphics. Brand programs:

Start with a concept and a blank canvas, designing your signature visuals down to the finest details using a full suite of creative tools. Or choose from hundreds of customizable, broadcast-ready templates in a variety of colors and styles for fast, professional CG.

Real-time scores, stats and clocks:

Satisfy audiences that crave up-to-the-second information by embedding real-time data into titles using the built-in DataLink application.

Tap into scoreboard systems, online RSS feeds, ASCII text files, and SQL databases, and serve up dynamic graphics that update instantly and automatically.

Screen Shots:

NewTek LiveText

NewTek LiveText

NewTek LiveText

NewTek LiveText

NewTek LiveText

NewTek LiveText

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Microsoft® Windows XP operating system (OS) or better
  • CPU supporting the SSE2 instruction set (typically an Intel® Core2® or better)
  • Graphics card compatible with Microsoft DirectX® 9™ or better (PCI-E recommended)
  • 2GB RAM (4GB or more recommended)
  • Ethernet network connection (Gigabit LAN recommended for live titling applications via iVGA or NDI)


  • Minimum resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels

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