NetBalancer Free Download

NetBalancer Free DownloadNetBalancer Free Download

Free download SeriousBit NetBalancer full version offline setup for Windows PC. With the Traffic Control and Monitoring Tool, you can limit the available traffic for a process.

Reviews of NetBalancer:

Exercise absolute authority over the intricate web of traffic coursing through your computer system. Establish sophisticated regulations and filters, refine network priorities for active processes, and execute many other manoeuvres on your device or an assemblage of machines categorized by tags.

By implementing traffic directives, you can assign precedence and restrict or impede the flow of your measured network traffic, contingent upon configurations such as the time of day, network protocol, or the application genre.

Employing a process of deep packet scrutiny, you can obstruct BitTorrent transmissions, moderate the functioning of Steam applications, and assign an elevated network priority to your web browser or gaming experiences.

NetBalancer’s Predefined Priorities feature is a valuable addition for users who may not be entirely certain about the ideal priority settings for their PC applications. With the inclusion of predefined priorities in NetBalancer the software takes the guesswork out of prioritization.

This feature offers a practical solution for optimizing network resources, whether you need to give high priority to critical VoIP applications to ensure clear communication or allocate resources for uninterrupted gaming experiences.

By simplifying the process of setting priorities, NetBalancer empowers users to efficiently manage their network traffic, enhancing both productivity and enjoyment in various online activities. It’s a feature that not only looks great on paper but also delivers practical benefits in real-world network management.


NetBalancer Free Download

Characteristics of NetBalancer:

  • Application of download and upload network priorities or constraints to each process.
  • Automated assimilation of priorities and limitations from a network-located file.
  • Automatic integration of regulations from a network-located file.
  • Definition of meticulous network traffic regulations.
  • Exploitation for business purposes.
  • Consolidation of local network systems to equilibrium their synchronized traffic.
  • Manifestation of ongoing connections attributed to any specific process.
  • Presentation of the overall systemic traffic through a graphical representation.
  • Continual depiction of network traffic data within the system tray.
  • Precision calibration of priorities, taking into consideration the Level Severity parameter.
  • Native 64-bit compatibility for unparalleled performance.
  • Complete integration of IPv6 support.
  • Application of universal traffic thresholds.

 Features of NetBalancer:

NetBalancer is a network management and traffic control software that allows users to monitor and control network traffic on their Windows computers. Here are some key  features of NetBalancer:

  1. Traffic Monitoring: Provides real-time monitoring of network traffic, giving users a clear view of which applications and processes are using network resources.
  2. Traffic Control: Users can set upload and download priorities for individual applications or processes, ensuring that critical tasks get the necessary bandwidth while limiting non-essential traffic.
  3. Traffic Rules: NetBalancer allows users to create custom traffic rules, defining how different applications and processes should behave in terms of network usage.
  4. Prioritization: Users can assign different priorities (e.g., high, normal, low) to applications and processes to control their access to network resources.
  5. Data Usage Tracking: The software tracks data usage for each application, helping users identify data hogs and manage their data consumption effectively.
  6. Traffic Charts and Reports: NetBalancer provides detailed traffic charts and reports, allowing users to analyze network usage over time and make informed decisions.
  7. Password Protection: Users can password-protect the settings to prevent unauthorized changes to network priorities and rules.
  8. Sync Settings: NetBalancer allows users to synchronize their settings across multiple computers, making it convenient for those who use the software on different devices.
  9. Bulk Commands: Users can apply bulk commands to multiple processes or applications at once, simplifying the management of network traffic.
  10. Automatic Rule Assignment: NetBalancer can automatically assign rules to processes based on specific criteria, making it easier to manage traffic for new applications.
  11. Traffic History: The software maintains a history of traffic data, allowing users to review past network activity and performance.
  12. System Tray Integration: Integrates into the system tray, providing quick access to essential features and information.
  13. Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  14. Regular Updates: The software is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest Windows updates and improvements in network management.
  15. Customer Support: Offers customer support and documentation to assist users in configuring and using the software effectively.
  16. Free and Paid Versions: NetBalancer offers both a free and a paid version. The paid version typically provides additional features and customization options.


Software: NetBalancer
Language: Multilingual
Developer: NetBalancer
License: Pre_Activated


NetBalancer Free Download


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