Metus INGEST V5.9.1 Patched Version Recording, Transcoding, Streaming Softwar Download


Metus INGEST V5.9.1 Patched Version Recording, Transcoding, Streaming Software

Metus INGEST V5.9.1 Introduction:

Metus INGEST is the essential desktop multimedia capture, Metus INGEST transcoding, and streaming software. Metus INGEST offers a wide set of ingest modules to import content from various sources and formats.
The software is very easy to use. Every control and window required for manual operation is on a single screen.

Metus INGEST is used in broadcast studios, mission-critical archive operations, control rooms, media monitoring centers research laboratories, and military test sites worldwide. It allows capture without frame loss. Capture and streaming start instantly,. No arming period, caching time, and no lost or dropped video frames. Metus Ingest is proven to be stable under continuous operation, even in 24/7 environments.

Key Features

  • LTC Timecode Support from internal or external sound card (with Blackmagic boards)
  • Detects timecode breaks
  • Closed captioning support (with AJA and Blackmagic boards)
  • Supports video matrix control (Kramer, Blackmagic, Quartz, Jupiter, and Pro-Bel routers)
  • Supports still and animated logo, text, and time overlay to captured files
  • Lossless manual and auto split of files
  • Rule-based media management – delete or move video files based on user-defined rules
  • Supports Safe Network Recording (transfers to a network location on the fly/real-time)
  • Supports editing while capturing (With GV EDIUS and Adobe Premiere®) Avid Interplay check-in
  • Metadata input during capture
  • User definable live action marker buttons to mark points and regions on the capturing files (like Goal, Bomb, etc)
  • Customizable front end, with individual preview screens for each encoder
  • Each channel can be individually controlled, all channels can also be globally controlled
  • IP-based multi-channel remote control option
  • Remote control software – control and monitor all Metus INGEST instances running on a network
  • Can be used as a file-based transcoder, with a watch of UHD/4K Support

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of media production, the efficiency of content ingestion workflows plays a pivotal role in the success of broadcasting, post-production, and digital media management. Metus INGEST software stands out as a transformative solution designed to streamline and enhance the content ingest process. This article explores the features and functionalities that make Metus INGEST a powerful asset for media professionals, offering a glimpse into how it revolutionizes content acquisition and management.




1. Comprehensive Ingestion Capabilities:

Metus INGEST is engineered to handle a diverse range of content sources, formats, and codecs. Whether capturing live feeds, ingesting recorded content, or importing files from various sources, the software offers comprehensive ingestion capabilities. This versatility ensures that media professionals can seamlessly integrate content from different origins into their production workflows.

2. Multi-Channel Ingestion:

One of the standout features of Metus INGEST is its support for multi-channel ingestion. Media professionals can capture and ingest content from multiple sources simultaneously, optimizing efficiency and accelerating the content acquisition process. This multi-channel capability is particularly beneficial for live events, sports broadcasts, and scenarios requiring the simultaneous recording of multiple feeds.

3. Flexible Format Support:

Metus INGEST boasts flexible format support, accommodating a wide array of video and audio formats. From standard definition to high definition, and from common codecs to specialized formats, the software ensures compatibility with the diverse media landscape. This adaptability allows media professionals to work with content from various cameras, devices, and sources without the constraints of format limitations.

4. Live Streaming Ingest:

In response to the growing demand for live content, Metus INGEST facilitates live streaming ingestion. Users can capture and ingest live streams directly, providing a seamless workflow for incorporating live events into broadcast schedules or archiving live content for future use. This feature is valuable for broadcasters, event producers, and organizations engaging in live-streaming activities.

5. Automated Ingest Workflows:

Automation is a key strength of Metus INGEST. The software allows users to create customized, automated ingest workflows tailored to specific production requirements. Automated processes can include tasks such as file naming conventions, metadata tagging, and file destination routing. This not only reduces manual intervention but also ensures consistency and accuracy in the ingest process.

6. Timecode and Metadata Management:

Metus INGEST places emphasis on timecode accuracy and metadata management. The software captures and preserves timecode information, essential for synchronization in multi-camera productions. Additionally, robust metadata management capabilities enable users to attach relevant information to ingested content, facilitating efficient organization and search functionalities in the post-production phase.

7. Proxy and High-Resolution Workflows:

To balance efficiency and quality, Metus INGEST supports proxy and high-resolution workflows. Users can ingest low-resolution proxies for quick review and editing, while the software simultaneously captures high-resolution content for final production. This dual workflow enables smoother editing processes without compromising the quality of the final output.

8. Integration with Editing Systems:

Metus INGEST is designed for seamless integration with popular non-linear editing (NLE) systems. Whether working with Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, or other editing platforms, the software simplifies the transition from the ingest phase to post-production. This integration enhances collaboration and ensures a fluid workflow from content acquisition to the final edit.




Metus INGEST software stands as a cornerstone in the realm of content ingestion for media production. Its versatile capabilities, including multi-channel ingestion, flexible format support, live streaming capabilities, and automated workflows, empower media professionals to navigate the complexities of content acquisition with efficiency and precision.

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