EduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Pro 6.1.8 Free Pre Activated

EduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Pro 6.1.6

EduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Pro 6.1.8

Download EduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Pro, the complete standalone offline installer for Windows PC. You can also download EduIQ Network LookOut Administrator Pro.

An Overview of EduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Pro:

If you hold a business leadership position, are an educator, chairperson of a company, or a project supervisor, you must possess robust employee monitoring software that enables you to closely observe the computer screens of your students, employees, and team members.

Organizations worldwide endure the consequences of employees failing to fulfill their assigned duties, which inevitably incurs substantial financial and temporal losses. It is particularly challenging for small enterprises striving to surpass their competitors.

By utilizing EduIQ Net Monitor, businesses can realize substantial savings by curtailing their expenditure on employee wages and professional development. The software proves particularly advantageous for small-scale enterprises facing difficulties.

Characteristics of EduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Pro:

  • The Desktop Recorder feature is an exceptional tool that discreetly records all activities on the desktop.
  • Internet control is pivotal, empowering you to block access to undesirable websites like Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  • The Reporting feature enables you to log web and application usage and keystrokes.
  • The Remote Control capability allows you to manage computers remotely from a mobile device or tablet.
  • Effortlessly view and block unwanted applications or processes.
  • Implement restrictions to regulate the usage of specific devices and functions. By locking USB drives, you can prevent employees from downloading or uploading files to their computers.
  • Multiple tools facilitate operations like powering the computer on or off, executing shell commands, and opening webpages.
  • Enhance productivity through our integrated messaging, desktop sharing, and file-sharing features.


EduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Pro 6.1.6 Pre Activated


Agent install is hidden to C:\Windows\System32\nlnme.
If you need to uninstall, use the installer. Select Uninstall Agent…

Download Its Manual PDF


Software: Net Monitor for Employees
Language: Multilingual
Developer: EduIQ
Medicine: Pre_ActivatedEduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Pro 6.1.6


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