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Aximmetry de 2023.3.2

Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 Introduction:

Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 In the ever-evolving landscape of virtual production software, Aximmetry has consistently stood out as a frontrunner, offering innovative solutions for content creators across various industries. The release of Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 marks another significant milestone in the journey of this groundbreaking software.


  • Fixed occasional hanging and then crashing of Unreal Engine when using a scene in cooked mode.
  • Fixed crashing of Unreal Lightmass.


  • Fixed that no audio was received from Aximmetry Eye.
  • Fixed that audio of SRT and NDI inputs was not received if its sample rate was other than 48kHz.
  • Fixed occasional distortion of NDI audio input.
  • Fixed that noise came out from the Audio pin of the Video Input module when the Active pin was switched off, also occasionally it crashed.
  • Fixed that audio output disappeared if in-to-out-latency was set too high.
  • Fixed random crashes of the color selector dialog.
  • Fixed crash when using certain Visca controller commands
  • LEDWallCam: added Show Cam Height property to STUDIO panel to make it easier to compare camera positions of the real world and the virtual world.
  • LEDWallCam: added Preview Mode property to STUDIO panel with two new views: the LED wall models can be displayed with a checker pattern that also highlights the frustum area for the active camera, and with the final rendered image.
  • LEDWallCam: added percentage meter for LUT measurement status.
  • Record_3-Audio: added a recording of camera focus distance as well when exporting tracking data into FBX. Also a Focus Distance Scale to the TRACKING panel has to be set manually, because different target third-party applications interpret focus distance differently.

Unveiling Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2: What’s New?

Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 introduces several enhancements and features that further solidify its position as a leader in the virtual production realm. One of the key highlights of this update is the improved real-time rendering capabilities, allowing users to create stunning visuals with enhanced efficiency and realism.

Flexibility and Versatility

Moreover, Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 boasts enhanced compatibility with a wide range of hardware setups, ensuring seamless integration into existing production pipelines. Whether it’s for film, television, gaming, or live events, Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 offers unparalleled flexibility and versatility, empowering creators to bring their visions to life with unprecedented ease.

The Power of Real-Time Rendering

At the heart of Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 lies its powerful real-time rendering engine, which enables users to visualize complex scenes with remarkable detail and precision.
This feature not only streamlines the production process but also opens up new creative possibilities, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments and iterations that were previously unimaginable.

With Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2, creators can now explore intricate virtual environments in real time, leveraging advanced lighting and shading techniques to achieve cinematic results.
Whether it’s crafting immersive virtual sets or seamlessly integrating CGI elements into live footage, Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 empowers users to push the boundaries of what’s possible in virtual production.

Streamlining Workflow with Enhanced Tools

In addition to its robust rendering capabilities, Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 introduces a host of new tools and features designed to streamline the production workflow.
From improved asset management systems to intuitive control interfaces, every aspect of the software has been refined to enhance usability and efficiency.

Furthermore, Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 offers seamless integration with industry-standard software and hardware solutions, ensuring compatibility with existing workflows and infrastructure.
Whether it’s for collaborative projects or solo endeavors, Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 provides the tools and support needed to bring creative visions to fruition.

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Aximmetry de 2023.3.2

Aximmetry de 2023.3.2

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Conclusion: Empowering Creativity with Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2

As virtual production continues to revolutionize the entertainment industry, tools like Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 are playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of content creation.
With its powerful rendering engine, enhanced workflow tools, and unmatched versatility, Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 empowers creators to unleash their creativity and bring their visions to life like never before.

Whether it’s for film, television, gaming, or live events, Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2 offers a comprehensive solution for virtual production, providing the tools and support needed to turn imagination into reality.
As the industry continues to evolve, Aximmetry remains at the forefront, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in virtual production.

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Aximmetry DE 2023.3.2


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