Assimilate LIVE LOOKS – FX STUDIO Version 9.5 Build 1106 With Crack Download


Assimilate LIVE LOOKS – FX STUDIO Version 9.5 Build 1106 With Licensed Download Introduction

Assimilate LIVE LOOKS: FX STUDIO Version 9.5 Build 1106 is a cutting-edge real-time color grading tool that has taken the film and video production industry by storm. Developed by Assimilate Inc., this latest version boasts a range of powerful features and enhancements that allow filmmakers,

Assimilate LIVE LOOKS: colorists, and visual artists to achieve unprecedented levels of creative control and efficiency in their post-production workflows. In this article, we will delve into the capabilities of LIVE LOOKS – FX STUDIO Version 9.5 and explore how it has revolutionized real-time color grading.

Assimilate LIVE LOOKS In a nutshell – what does it do?

• Green/blue screen keying & garbage masking
• Camera tracking: Mo-Sys, NCAM, Intel, HTC & more
• Volume Grading
• Live Compositing with 2D and 3D Environments
• Support for 3D Notch Blocks and USD (Universal Scene Descriptor)
• LED wall control
• DMX lighting control based on LED wall image content
• Recording of video & metadata
• Metadata & Comp prep for VFX post Assimilate LIVE LOOKS
• Live Link to Unreal Engine
• SDI/NDI capture & output Assimilate LIVE LOOKS
• Direct GPU texture sharing with other apps

Assimilate LIVE LOOKS Live compositing – green screen-based or LED wall driven

Assimilate Live FX is the first one-stop software solution, that is designed for live compositing in multiple virtual production workflows. Assimilate LIVE LOOKS From previsualization in location scouting and pre-production quick comps to final pixel in-camera VFX in green screen- and LED wall-based workflows.

And the best of it all: You don’t need to be a programmer to operate it! Live FX is easy and straight forward to use, so you’ll get stunning results, really fast!

What is possible with Live FX?

Live FX ships with all the tools needed to do green screen keying, volume grading, camera- and object-tracking, as well as create advanced composites merging the live camera signal with CG elements – be it simple 2D textures,
Assimilate LIVE LOOKS – FX STUDIO Version 9.5 Build 1106 With (Parament Licensed)

equirectangular footage or complete 3D environments. Assimilate LIVE LOOKS In LED wall-based workflows, Live FX can auto-control the lighting in real time based on the projected image content via DMX protocol and sync all incoming and outgoing SDI feeds.
Assimilate LIVE LOOKS – FX STUDIO Version 9.5
This permanent license for Live FX Studio Software License provides you with one year of support from Assimilate along with the software. The license includes email support, as well as access to the support website and online forums. You can also receive software updates and downloads. Like the Live FX Studio software, the support license is compatible with both macOS and Windows systems.

Assimilate LIVE LOOKS LED wall based Virtual Production

Live FX is a media server in a box. It can play back 2D and 2.5D content at any resolution or frame rate to any sized LED wall from a single machine. It supports camera tracking, projection mapping, image-based lighting and much more. Native implementation of Notch Blocks and the USD file format allow to use Live FX with 3D environments as well – but it doesn’t stop there! Through Live Link connection and GPU texture sharing, Live FX can also be combined with Assimilate LIVE LOOKS Unreal Engine and Unity. Live FX’s extensive grading and compositing features enable users to quickly implement DoP feedback in real time and even allow for set extensions beyond the physical LED wall.

Assimilate LIVE LOOKS Image-based Lighting

Not only the content of the LED wall has to be controlled, but of course the lighting inside the studio has to play along with the projected content in order to create the perfect illusion. Thanks to the latest developments in lighting technology, modern fixtures can create fine grained and detailed lighting environments. Live FX can feed any number of lights by pixel-mapping the fixture to the underlying image content and control the it via ArtNet or sACN protocol. Quick to setup and easy to operate – even on laptops, running even hundreds of universes simultaneously!

ScreenShots :

Assimilate LIVE

Assimilate LIVE

Assimilate LIVE

Assimilate LIVE

Connect to Unreal Engine – and more!

Live FX also features a direct integration with Unreal Engine and can communicate with other applications such as Unity via Open Sound Control protocol or direct GPU texture sharing. Camera feeds, alpha channels,

full composites, as well as all dynamic metadata from the tracking system or camera SDI feed can be recorded along the way and auto-prepped for post. Check out various workflow models below!

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You can download Assimilate LIVE LOOKS – FX STUDIO Version 9.5 Build 1106 With (Parament Licensed) from the link below…

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