Ant Media Server Enterprise and Community Edition 2024 Crack Download

Ant Media Server

Ant Media Server Enterprise and Community Edition Download

Ant Media Server Introduction:

Ant Media Server v2.5. In this version, there are improvements for Video Conferencing. In short, you can have hundreds of users in the conference call in a very performance-efficient way for the browser and server-side. Moreover, there is a conference application that you can deploy to your Ant Media Servers.

In addition Ant Media Server, Redis support is introduced for both standalone and cluster modes so that you can use any Redis service to store your records in a fast and reliable way.  We have also some good features that make life easier for developers.  Before giving more details about these features, let me tell the purpose of Ant Media and exciting news for the developer ecosystem.

Ant Media Server


The Goal is “Streaming Engine of The World” but What’s the Purpose?

We are running after our dream to be the Streaming Engine of The World. So we’re listening to you and we’re improving the Ant Media Server according to your feedback. Our goodwill and win-win approach for the community, users, and partners let us have thousands of Ant Media Server instances daily worldwide.

Purpose of Ant Media Server

Ant Media Server


Our purpose is to take part in building an interconnected world so that people have better communication experiences with each other no matter physically they are. The deeper purpose of Ant Media is to show that “you can do it”. In other words, to show that if people behave proactively to take action in their impact area, they will have a positive impact on themselves, the people around and people far away so that they contribute to making the world better no matter where they are and no matter who they are.

Ant Media Server Join the Journey and Be part of it

The first Real-Time Streaming Hackathon(RTSH) just ended last weekend and incredible projects were completed by amazing teams. This hackathon was just the beginning, its sequel and many more events will come. Stay tuned. 🙂 Let’s dive into this magnificent journey and learn more about 9 applications that have been developed during RTSH. You can read the story of the Real-Time Streaming Hackathon here.

If you have application or plugin ideas, you don’t have to wait for the next hackathon. You can monetize your ideas in the AMS Marketplace which will be available next year. Also if you want to find teammates for your project please subscribe to the AMS community

PortMeet: Easy Video Conferencing for your Business

Here is the first application that you can deploy to the Ant Media Server with just a few clicks. PortMeet is a free and open-source video conferencing solution that can run on the cloud or on-prem. So that it’s a perfect fit for enterprises/corporates/institutions that need a quick and easy video conferencing solution. Moreover, you can use PortMeet as a base for your product, and customize and add new features to it. Here is the GitHub repo for PortMeet

How to Deploy PortMeet to Ant Media Server

1. Ant Media Server Download the PortMeet from Nexus Repository Manager. PortMeet is automatically deployed to sonatype for each iteration. After you open/visit the PortMeet on Nexus Repository Manager, click the “Download” as shown in the image below to get the WAR file. (PS: Artifact will likely change to PortMeet).How to Deploy PortMeet to Ant Media Server

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