Amigofx BroadCaster Pro HD Cracked + Emulator Without Dongle 2023 Download

Amigofx BroadCaster


Amigofx BroadCaster Pro HD Cracked + Emulator New Version Without Dongle Download

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro HD Cracked + Emulator Without Dongle is developed by Amigo. The most popular version of this product among our users is unknown. The names of program executable files are BroadCaster.exe, BroadCasterPro.exe.

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro Music / Songs Categories

  • Times based Categories to play Music videos as fillers
  • Categories logo to play when Category videos are playing
  • when there is no Schedule these fillers will run automatically
  • You can run Music Fillers in List order or Random selection

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro Schedule Movies

  • Add Movie Names to Movies List
  • Add Movie files to Specific Movie name
  • Schedule Movies from Movies List
  • Counter to show how many times movie is already scheduled
  • Regional language font selection to display Movie Names

Screenshots :

Amigofx BroadCaster

Amigofx BroadCasterAmigofx BroadCaster

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro L Band Ad Graphics

  • Output Video / Live is squeezed Smoothly when L Band is Played
  • Create L- Band Advertisement List
  • Display L- Band Advertisements in time interval with given duration
  • L- Band Advertisements Can run on Live input also
  • All video formats are supported in L- Band Advertisement

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro Schedule commercial Breaks

  • Insert breaks in List Set Start / End Date for Commertials
  • Add breaks to different Groups
  • Schedule Groups to play at fixed time every day
  • Every Break is displayed in group by valid start date and end date of each Break
  • Play Breaks Instantly direct from breaks List by Clicking onair switch

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro Sponsor Logo

  • Create Compositions Using Titlecaster Application (Bundled free
  • Sponsor Logos are set to display by given start date and end date
  • Add Sponsor Logos in List by Set Start / End Date to display
  • Insert Sponsor Logos to Groups and Set Group Start / End Time

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro As Run Logs & Reports

  • Logs of Played Music / Movies are created automatically
  • Separate Reports for all advertisements Aired
  • Export Reports to Excel client wise
  • Reports for Bottom Advt , Breaks , Lband , Sponsor Logos

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro Streaming (VBR / CBR )

  • Create unlimited Streaming Presets with available streaming formats
  • Stream to streaming presets simultaneously
  • Auto start for every stream with Application Start
  • Stream to Youtube , Facebook , Web, UDP , DVB , Specific Lancard
  • Set different Stream output Resolution for every preset
  • Stream to any resolution simultaneously like SD / HD

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro Network File Playback

  • Add Network files as playlist file
  • Play Network streams like youtube – Facebook – RTMP – UDP

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro 24x 7 Stable Playout

  • Reliable & Stable to run channel 24×7 / 365 days without getting hanged

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro Output Preview

  • Preview Channel output with audio Video , Text and graphics

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro Broadcast Quality CG

  • CG Application TitleCaster is bundled free
  • Overlay text and graphics for channel branding and screen layout design
  • Unlimited graphics compositions overlay

Pro Playback

  • Video File
  • Live Input
  • You Tube Live – Facebook Live
  • Network Stream

Pro IP output

  • Multicast UDP output with custom bitrate
  • MPEG-2 , MPEG 4 , H.264

Multiformat Playback

  • Play all kinds of video files and network streams.
  • H.264, HEVC.265, AVI, MPEG-2, DVCPRO, MXF,LXF, QuickTime, MP4, Mov

Live Ingest

  • Get Live input from all Blackmagic design Cards
  • Add Live to Playlist as a file with duration
  • Schedule Live and set to start and end live at fixed time

App Integrated Streaming

  • Directly Stream RTMP to youtube , facebook , website
  • Built in Encoders to Stream and Record Output

Virtual Source

  • Virtual Source for Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast, Vmix, XSplit, VLC, OBS.

SD-HD-4K Output

  • Supports all Playout resolutions
  • Supports all Blackmagic Design, Stream Labs and Deltacast Cards

DVB-compliant UDP streaming

  • Reduce costs and save space by removing Output Cards and SDI cables.
  • Send your Playout directly to QAM to save Encoder & Output Cards

Note : (Recommended Windows Version Windows 7 64Bit)

Amigofx BroadCaster Pro HD Cracked + Emulator Without Dongle Download

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